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Wooldridge Family History in Quoits

1929 Great Eastern Mechanics' Institute Quoit Team at Maryland Point, Stratford, London

Back Row - S Mitchell, Titch Baker, W A Wooldridge, Mitchell, Edwin ‘Ted’ Moody, u/k, u/k

Middle Row - A J Wooldridge, J Gilbert, H W Wooldridge, J C Wooldridge, U/K, Bill Abbott, H Cornish, Mitchell, u/k, u/k

Front Row Seated - A Turner, G E Wooldridge, G Norris, G W Wooldridge, T Abbott, T Mitchell, Boy W Mitchell.

Left - News of the World Shield Middle - Essex Senior Cup and Pearson's Shield Right - South Essex Quoit Shield.

1948 England v Wales International, Saturday 24th July, Rothampstead Park, Harpenden, Herts.

Back Row L - R J Marlole, A Moss, J C Wooldridge, S Anderson, Jimmy, u/k, A J Wooldridge

Seated - u/k G E Wooldridge, u/k, G Pearce Hon. Sec. EQA, B Wenn Sec., J Hunt, u/k.

1948 or 1949 New Inn P/H Gidea Park, Nr Romford, Essex

Felton, G E Wooldridge, J C Wooldridge, W Wenn, A J Wooldridge, G Pearce (Hon Sec EQA), u/k, A J Baker, u/k, u/k

The large cup at the rear is the 18 x Championship Cup and the bowl at the front is the Gamage Bowl.

1951 New Inn P/House, Gidea Park, Nr Romford, Essex

Final 18yds English Quoits Championship

Winner J C Wooldridge (L), Runner-Up F Petrucci

1959 Harpenden team at Rothhampstead Park, Harpenden, Herts.

Pearson's Shield Competition Essex v Herts 4-a-side

Essex L - R Joe G Wooldridge who submitted the picture, A J Wooldridge, J C Wooldridge, F Petrucci

Herts L - R W Tate, M Shepherd, J Hunt, u/k

The Wooldridge quoiting family of Essex - year unknown.

With grateful thanks to Mr Joe Wooldridge for contributing the pictures and all the accompanying information.


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