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Quoits-Related Articles of Interest

Including articles submitted by family members of past quoiters

Silver Cup of the Kilmarnock Union Quoiting Club 1893 - Housed at The Dick Institute, Kilmarnock, East Ayrshire, Scotland.

Collection of quoits medals - John Taggart’s collection

Uncle Buck - From The Evening Times (Middlesborough) December 4th 2004.  John Williams' father William Thomas Williams (1870 - 1920) was a quoits player from Middlebrough in the north-east of England and according to an article in a local newspaper on John Williams, it seems there was once a photograph of him in the family from 1898 with the inscription "All England Quoit Championships - 1898"

Quoiting Review - Official organ of the English, Scotch and Welsh Associations 1910.

John Beck Champion of the Nottingham Caledonian Quoit club 1903 - Chris Thornhill and his daughter are looking for information relating to a family ancestor.

Wooldridge Family History in Quoits - Many thanks to Joe Wooldrige for submitting the information on his quoiting family from Essex.

Larkhall & Raploch success 1925

Bill Kirkland shows the gold pocket watch won by his grandfather William Kirkland who was part of the winning side from Larkhall& Raploch of the Lanarkshire league in Scotland which won the Scottish & Lanarkshire cups in 1925

2007 - Caersws Quoits Club’s most successful season ever - With ten trophies between them, Brendon Lloyd and Russell Owen dominate all competitionsin 2007 with Brendon winning Senior Sports Person of the Year to top it all.

Meurig (Mike) Jones, Caersws - Whatever it took, he was there, supporting club and country. A more committed clubman you couldn't wish to enrol. From the return of quoits to Montgomeryshire in the early 1970s, until ill-health forced his retirement twenty years later, you could find Meurig, or Mike as he was more affectionately known (Michael to his friends north of the border), participating in whatever way was required.

Major G R D Harrison Shield -  presented by the Harrison family to Montgomery County Recreation Association for the County Quoiting League, and first played for in 1921.

2014 Quoits at Leighton Show.

2013 Owen Cup - Russell Owen’s family compete.

Quoiter Abseils for Charity - Richard Macdonald of the Allen Valley raises £1500 for the “Chin Up” charity.

Welsh Quoiter immortalised in steel - Jack Price among three famous Welsh figures made into steel figures.

Quoits on display at Waterfront Museum, Swansea.


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