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A few more images of byegone days

Scottish quoiter Wull Penman

The Welsh Team and Officials

Welsh Team and Caps

Waunlwyd, Including Six International Players (underlined

E. Harris L. Baker (1919), D.Barnes, H. Lyons (C) (1901), A. Beal, B. Lyons (1920), L, Barnes, A. Lewis, T. Evans, J. Charles

M. Shearman, C. Smith (1927), B. Williams, F. Evans (1901), F Griffiths (1913), W. Shearman, G. Plummer, R. Amos

H. Hendy, T. H. Hendy, D. Byles, T. Collins

Quoiting trio Dan England (L), William Mellish (R) and Dice Davies

With thanks to Brian Penny of Killay, Swansea for many of the pictures


Picture Page 4


The Victor - Ben Lyon

Ben Lyon