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Caersws Quoits Club Closes 2021



A Potted History of Caersws Quoits Club

In the notebook of County (Montgomeryshire) Quoiting League meeting minutes beginning April 17th 1924 held at Community House, Newtown, Caersws appears to be first mentioned in a newspaper article from The Express entitled “ Effort to Revive Interest in the County” included in the minutes of June 7th 1932; an excerpt which reads “The Recreation Association was anxious to see the quoiting game re-established in the County.”  Mentioned in the article was the “newly-formed Caersws club”.

In the County Quoiting League Knock-Out Competition minutes dated July 12th 1932, it Caersws was one of the clubs entered, along with Llandyssil, Bettws, Maesmawr, Sarn, Penygloddfa, Mochdre and Tregynon.  Caersws was drawn to play Penygloddfa by August 6th.  This would appear to be their first match.

Caersws did not make it to the final this year which was played between Llandyssil and Mochdre on September 24th at The Pavilion Ground (presumable Newtown).  Mr A Davies of Caersws was a scorer at this match.

Caersws club appears to have been active up until 1939, having a representative at the meeting of April 29th 1939 but not at the meeting of July 29th 1939 or April 20th 1940.  This may be attributed to the breakout of WWII the previous September.  The minutes of the 1940 minutes were ratified on April 6th 1946 which is the last entry in the notebook.

It is not known if Caersws was actively participating in quoits matches for the next 30 years.

A Caersws Quoiting Association ledger beginning 10th June 1970 shows financial activity connected to quoits matches eg membership fees, prize money etc. and would indicate a revival of interest in the ancient game of quoits around this time.

The early 70’s seems to be the renaissance of Caersws in relation to the game of quoits, and among members at this time were Frank Lloyd, Brendon Lloyd, Eddie Edwards, Maldwyn Lewis, Meurig Jones, Paul Jones, Dewi Jones, Robert Jones, Bernard Jones, George Turner, Dennis Edwards, Bill Jones (Ystrafaelog, Trefeglwys) and Llew Watkin.

Records show that clubs in the county started sourcing quoits in early 1972, paying £5.50 for a pair of 4½lb quoits at that time.  Tradition has it that anyone needing to buy a pair of quoits to this day, is charged £5.00.

In 1979 at Greenlands, Caersws hosted its first Wales v Scotland International quoits competition.  Wales won the match by 227 points to Scotland’s 192.  Meurig Jones was the only competitor from Caersws to play in that 1979 Welsh team, beating his opponent Willy McKay by 21 points to 10. Caersws hosted the Wales v Scotland International twice more, in 1987 and 2007, winning both of them.

Two of Caersws Quoits Club’s most prolific players are Brendon Lloyd and Russell Owen, both who have sadly decided to hang up their quoits after many years of loyal service to the club.

Brendon represented Wales 21 times, losing only two of his matches between 1989 and 2009 when International competitions ceased.  He also captained the Welsh side in 2002 at Kirkconnell and 2003 at Felinfach.

Russell represented Wales ten times, winning seven of his matches between 1998 and 2009 and Captained the Welsh side when Caersws last hosted the Wales v Scotland International in 2007.

2017/18 was Caersws Quoits Club’s most successful season with Brendon Lloyd winning Senior Sports Personality of the Year at the Montgomeryshire Sports Council / County Times Sports Awards event at Theatr Clara, Welshpool on 7th March 2008.

Brendon and Russell between them also held the following trophies : -

Llanarthne Open Shield

Banwen Open

Saron Open

International Winner’s Trophy

William Dice Davies Grand Prix Cup

Caersws Open

British Open Championship

Welsh Individual Championship

Felinfach Open