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Always a warm welcome at the Toll Bar, Drongan

Going home after a successful trip north 1976

L-R Trevor Lloyd, Dewi Jones, Dennis Edwards, Elwyn Nuttin Len Rowlands, Mike Jones, Bernard Jones, Sam Evans

Trefor Lloyd, Dennis Edwards (and pipe!)

Mrs Bernard Jones (Vera), Mike Jones

Bernard Jones (left) andMal Lewis (right) Making Friends!

Alex McKewen, Bernard Jones and Mal Lewis in Drongan 1978

Sunday morning group photo before the Scots depart Wales for yet another year.  Circa 1983

Mike Jones (left) and Sam Evans

L-R Trevor Lloyd, Dennis Edwards, Mike Jones

Hên Wlad fy Nghadau at Glenburn?

L-R Bernard Jones, Dewi Jones, Mike Jones, Dennis Edwards, unknown

Dennis Edwards (left) and Mike Jones on the bank overlooking the quoiting beds at Llandyssil

L-R Davy Francis, Den Edwards, Mike Jones Early Trip to Scotland

Pit-stop at Gretna on the way home from Scotland

L-R Gordon Summers, Mike Jones, Elwyn Nutting, Trevor Lloyd, Dennis Edwards, Roger Morgan, Russell Owen, Sam Evans, Maldwyn Lewis


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