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Caersws Grand Prix 1 July 2006

Jim Hendren of Glenburn Club in Prestwick, Ayrshire 'lighting' Scottish 'lighters' rarely move from this position until the player's quoit has landed in the clay.

Parry Evans  watches as Nigel James delivers his quoit

Alex Millar of Glenburn Club in Prestwick, Ayrshire

One of each player's quoits lying near to the pin

Parry Evans delivers his quoit, watched by opponent Nigel James, with Russell Owen far left and Alex Millar

All four quoits delivered

Russell Owen lining up a shot

Dorian Thomas uses the calipers to measure whose quoit will win the point in the final of the Challenge Cup  between Brendon Lloyd (in red) and Pugh Jones

Brendon Lloyd aiming to land his quoit on the pin

'Old' hand Ray Davies in the final of the handicap against up-and-coming David Owen

David Owen receives the handicap runner-up prize

Ray Davies wins the handicap competition and Maldwyn Lewis Perpetual Rose Bowl

Winner of the Open Competition and Challenge Cup - Brendon Lloyd

Chairman of Welsh Quoiting Board Brendon Lloyd congratulates Russell Owen on winning the 2006 Grand Prix


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